We are the developers of a software product called TAOPIX. Part of the application performs a passive FTP upload to a server running FileZilla FTP server.

We have had several reports from customers that if Zone Alarm is installed some of the binary data that our application uploads is corrupted. Our Q.A. team have been investigating the problem this afternoon and have duplicated it using v9.2.057 running on a Vista sp2 computer. If Zone Alarm is disabled (or not installed) then the data corruption does not occur. If other firewalls are installed (such as Norton or Windows firewall) the problem also does not occur.

There are approx. 15 - 20 thousand uploads performed via our software across the world each month and the only data corruption issues that have been reported seem to involve Zone Alarm so a compatibility problem does seem to exist.

Is it possible for someone from Zone Alarm to help with this issue as we would rather have a solution instead of having to tell customers to use a different firewall product.