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    Default Microsoft support scam

    My parents were recently caught by this scam; this scam involves a cold call from a person claiming to be from microsoft. First, they get you to bring up the Event Viewer, telling you that the system errors are "viruses", or "corrupted", and other buzz-words. They will then get you to run ~~snip~~ from your run prompt, enter a number they tell you, and download a peice of software.

    The reason I'm telling you, Zone Labs, is that your product (In our case, ZoneAlarm Security Suite), recognised the software that this malicious vendor installed as safe, and would not have bought up a warning when incoming packets were sent to the program, or outgoing packets were sent.

    I believe it may be to do with the similarities to the genuine remote access software, LogMeIn. I believe this "~~snip~~ " is a keylogger of some sort, or perhaps a full on malicious remote access client.

    The site they get you to go to is ~~snip~~ .

    Just thought I'd inform you,

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    I have edited the link since it is not allowed in here. Also the link is legitimate and not scam. It is a remote control software. It can be used by legitimate support staff but also by scammers to take control of your PC. There is nothing you can do about it apart from educating the user to always check the legitimacy of any call (computer or not computer related).

    Sorry, this board is only related to ZA product related issue and not a discussion board on phishing or scam. I am closing this thread and moving it to the offtopic section.

    Thank you for your understanding and support.


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