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Thread: Add a drive in DataLock?

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    Exclamation Add a drive in DataLock?

    I encountered a problem while installing DataLock. There was some problem installing files to my second harddrive.

    After reboot DataLock bootscreen appeared and I could login.

    The problem now is that only my first drive are being encrypted. How can I reinstall or add my second harddrive to DataLock?

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    If DataLock could encrypt your second drive it would have.

    Since it did not then the second drive is unsupported.

    Also you cant add drives after the initial encryption and have them encrypted.

    You must have all drives installed and online the first time you install datalock.

    You would need to uninstall/decrypt your system then reinstall with all drives installed. Also note external drives are not supported and raid configured drives are not supported.

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