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Thread: Date/Time in FWPKTLOG.TXT ??

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    DominicJ Guest

    Smile Date/Time in FWPKTLOG.TXT ??

    Greetings all....

    I have been using ZAfree off and on for several years but only just joined the community today. I was searching my ZA logs for outgoing traffic on port 1233 .. I found one entry in c:\windows\Internet Logs\fwpktlog.txt

    I am running XP/sp3 and ZAfree

    I searched before posting my question and didn't find the answer. Here is a the matching line in that log file...

    1174390 Packet DROPPED: Proto: IP_TCP Flags: 0x00000005 Src: Dest: SrcPort: 1233 DstPort: 3268

    I am presuming that 1174390 is a representation of Date and Time..??
    What does it mean, and how can I decode similar entries in the future..??

    Thanks in advance.


    PS: What's the best and most descriptive/informative log parser/viewer for this version..?? Tks.

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    Default Re: Date/Time in FWPKTLOG.TXT ??


    As far as I am aware those logs are only for debugging purpose to be used by ZA support. No idea what are those numbers. They do not look like a date or a time to me, just a progressive number. The other logs are encrypted for security reasons (i.e. tvdebug) and cannot be decipher. You need to ask ZA directly to know about them.

    Normal logs are contained in ZAlogXXXXXX.txt that you can read with the help of this:


    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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    DominicJ Guest

    Smile Re: Date/Time in FWPKTLOG.TXT ??

    Thanks Fax...

    I was thinking that, like in certain other environments, this field described date/time as a function of # seconds past a certain date/time, ie: certain *nix logs.

    I have no problem reading or understanding the logs in text form, and have used ZAlog on times, but it's rather old. I'll check out the link you provided.

    Many thanks for the quick reply...



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