Greetings all....

I have been using ZAfree off and on for several years but only just joined the community today. I was searching my ZA logs for outgoing traffic on port 1233 .. I found one entry in c:\windows\Internet Logs\fwpktlog.txt

I am running XP/sp3 and ZAfree

I searched before posting my question and didn't find the answer. Here is a the matching line in that log file...

1174390 Packet DROPPED: Proto: IP_TCP Flags: 0x00000005 Src: Dest: SrcPort: 1233 DstPort: 3268

I am presuming that 1174390 is a representation of Date and Time..??
What does it mean, and how can I decode similar entries in the future..??

Thanks in advance.


PS: What's the best and most descriptive/informative log parser/viewer for this version..?? Tks.