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Thread: Zone Alarm Detected New Network at each bootup

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    Default Zone Alarm Detected New Network at each bootup

    I am having issues with Zone Alarm on one of my PCs.

    PC Dell Latitude D620 Windows XP Pro SP3. Wireless and Wired Network.

    Network - Home network with mutliple PCs and 1 printer attached to a router and wireless AP.

    Internet - Time Warner Cable Road Runner Cable Modem

    Problem - I recently upgraded all my PCs to Zone Alarm (Free)

    All the PCs except my Dell Laptop are functioning properly. Each time I boot the Dell Laptop Zone Alarm opens the Found New Network window.
    None of the other PCs have this issue.

    I have uninstalled Zone Alarm via the uninstall the regular uninstall function, reinstalled it and get the same results. I've tried uninstalling using the cpes_clean.exe download from Zone Labs and then reinstalling. Same problem.

    My account on the Dell laptop had full admin rights.

    Any suggestions??

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    Default Re: Zone Alarm Detected New Network at each bootup

    Click here for ZA Support
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    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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