I installed ZoneAlarm Extreme security 2010 (ZAXS 2010) in my laptop with win vista 32bits (I think it is SP1 but I upgraded it to SP2). After sucsefulled intallation of ZAXS the laptod reboot and somthing worng happend.. I put the windows password and the windows start in a black blackground with few icons on desktop and a annouce seying: Cant log into vista account!!!. I know is the ZAXS because I unistalled it and everything normal again.

Then I triyed on my desktop PC (same version of windows) and same problem. I purshased the ZAXS 2010 for 3 PC recentrly..

I even put windows defense and firewall in disable mode via administrator manager/servies. And nothing... same problem.. Windows dont enter into account..

Pls Help..

P.S. sorry for my anglish. isnt my native language..