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Thread: Double checking my ZA habits

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    kathym Guest

    Default Double checking my ZA habits

    Hi ZA experts,

    I'm double checking my web security assumptions. I have ZA Extreme Security, WinXP SP3,
    and I think I'm pretty vigilant. ZA asks me to allow anything to be downloaded, and if I allow, then it is scanned.

    Every now and then I will click on a weblink from Google that lands on a page that proceeds to tell me my PC is infected. I'm aware that these are malicious pop-ups trying to fool me. I never click on them. But sometimes these instances are ruthless... instead of a static popup, the malicious display is made to appear that it is scanning my computer. (I'm assuming they are created in Flash?)

    Is what I described Vundo? I haven't seen an article that describes the scenario described above.

    When this happens, I usually "ALT+F4" a few times to close these windows without clicking on them. Meanwhile, ZA Forcefield will display the dialog to download or cancel what the webpage is trying to put on my PC. I have to cancel (say "no") a couple of times.

    I always say no, close my browser, clean all temp files and usually run a quick scan that says "no infections found"... and then I think I'm safe. Am I?

    Thanks for your insight

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    Default Re: Double checking my ZA habits

    Hello, Kathy ;

    You have ZA Extreme Security.. this is good,

    It sounds like your are doing a good job protecting your computer..

    the only thing I could suggest to add to your routine, would be since you have ZA Extreme, is to turn on (Enable) the Forcefield "Virtualization"

    Click Browser Security, Click "Settings",
    Click "Advanced" Check mark "enable virtualization"
    click OK,

    Whenever you are Browsing web-sites, this Virtualization" feature will create a temporary Sandbox area that will keep everything enclosed in the
    sandbox and not let anything gain access to your computer even downloads and Hidden back-door scripts that may be activated when you Mouse-over certain areas on web pages..

    the Enabled Virtualization feature will protect you and will Delete all traces of your Surfing session when you close down the Browser..

    other than that, just keep up the good work your doing and keep Windows XP SP3 fully updated with Microsoft Updates, and set ZA Extreme Anti-Virus Auto Updates every 30 minutes if possible or at least every three Hours if 30 minutes is to short a time for your computer..

    Good luck..
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    kathym Guest

    Default Re: Double checking my ZA habits

    Thanks George! I was surprised to see I didn't have Virtualization set to be On. I will set this. It would be interesting to test (if possible) how this works. But as long as it works, I'm happy. I'm now going to run update to Windows Security.

    Have a nice evening,

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