I tried to find this mentioned somewhere but no luck so posting a new thread to see if this happens to anyone else.

I open my browser, go about my business. Then begin typing in a doman name and for no reason sometimes the 1st letter (always only the 1st letter) of the domain shows up TWICE in the URL bar in IE (or Firefox if using that).

I got suspicious because after having this for months, noticed that it often happened when that 1st letter happens to correspond with one of my banking or broker websites.

Got REALLY suspicious because EVERYTIME this happens I do not land on a 'can not find website' error, but end up at a parked site shoveling all manner of online shopping site links.

I realize a lot of squatters out there grab up mis-spelled versions of popular domain names (try www.gggoogle.com), so maybe a coincidence.

Just wonder if do I have some kind of keylogger that jumps in and doubles up the 1st letter when I'm typing something into a URL box of a search engine or web browser?

This sounds crazy, but I am positive my keyboard never double prints a letter when I'm typing in Word, Excel or even in this edit box right now. Never. Only when typing a URL in manually.

And I changed my keyboard to be sure, even went back to an old round plug version for a week. Keyboards tried are USB wired not wireless. Still same phenomenom.

In closing, Zonelarm extreme detects nothing, Spybot the same.

Will see if I get any hits on this thread to see if I'm crazy or not.

Hopefully I'm nuts and no one else has seen this issue.