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Thread: ZASS Browser Security option blocks IE & Firefox functionality

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    abannister Guest

    Default ZASS Browser Security option blocks IE & Firefox functionality

    For some weeks now I have had problems with Internet Explorer and Firefox. However, Chrome and Safari have been behaving OK.

    Today I rather belatedly discovered that if I turn off the ZASS Browser Security option the problems are resolved.

    On running IE the program would hang and not connect to any sites. After about a minute, it would close. I then discovered that if if I ran IE in Administrator mode it would run OK, but that was only partial solution as on some occasions IE caused my cursor to freeze and I had to close down using keyboard commands only. However, today I turned off Browser Security in ZASS, and all these problems seem to have been resolved.

    With Firefox, the problem was different. I had been having problems running Firefox versions 3.6.9 - 3.6.12, which was crashing and reporting compatibility problems with XUL Runner. In the end I un-installed 3.6.12 and replaced it with Firefox 4 Beta 7. This at least ran, but crashed sometimes with a Zone Alarm error message and separately, I noticed that I was unable to use the Back arrow.

    However, after turning off Browser Security in ZASS, the FF4 Beta problems also seem to have been resolved. I don't think it likely that ZASS has been the cause of the XUL Runner problem - but it certainly seems to affect these other things.

    I would like to have this feature active, but not in its current state. Can anyone advise on a workaround?

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    Default Re: ZASS Browser Security option blocks IE & Firefox functionality

    probably an issue with a running third party application or add-on. Note that ZASS support does not support any betas of browsers. This means booting the system clean of third party software and/or launching browser without add-ons to find the culprit. The latter is especially relevant if if it is just doing now and was not doing it before.

    Otherwise I would recommend you report the issue directly to the ZA technical support at the link in my signature.


    Click here for ZA Support
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    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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    benreffell Guest

    Default Re: ZASS Browser Security option blocks IE & Firefox functionality

    I've been having similar problems with those new versions of Firefox (on Vista & Win7), also sometimes the menus go "invisible" (just the highlighted part of the border is visible on two sides) as well as freezing or not responding.

    As Fax suggested, I think it's the addon's, I thought my problems were probably caused by Flashblock as I think it's only happening on some sites with particular flash implementations. Unfortunately I've not had time to look into it yet, just been using Chrome

    Also FF never seems to close down fully since version 3.6.9 often get the "force shutdown" screen when trying to shutdown, which then makes the little FF dialogue box show to allow you to save session etc. (separate problem, I guess)

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    abannister Guest

    Default Re: ZASS Browser Security option blocks IE & Firefox functionality

    I looked at Firefox add-ons early on so disabled them all in turn (not many in the Beta version). The IE8 installation I have is from a clean start, and so far as I can see only includes the basics that come with the initial installation. So, on the face of it, there is no obvious reason why my machine should behave any differently to any other.
    Now I am back at my desk, I will follow Fax's advice and report this to ZA support.

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