For some weeks now I have had problems with Internet Explorer and Firefox. However, Chrome and Safari have been behaving OK.

Today I rather belatedly discovered that if I turn off the ZASS Browser Security option the problems are resolved.

On running IE the program would hang and not connect to any sites. After about a minute, it would close. I then discovered that if if I ran IE in Administrator mode it would run OK, but that was only partial solution as on some occasions IE caused my cursor to freeze and I had to close down using keyboard commands only. However, today I turned off Browser Security in ZASS, and all these problems seem to have been resolved.

With Firefox, the problem was different. I had been having problems running Firefox versions 3.6.9 - 3.6.12, which was crashing and reporting compatibility problems with XUL Runner. In the end I un-installed 3.6.12 and replaced it with Firefox 4 Beta 7. This at least ran, but crashed sometimes with a Zone Alarm error message and separately, I noticed that I was unable to use the Back arrow.

However, after turning off Browser Security in ZASS, the FF4 Beta problems also seem to have been resolved. I don't think it likely that ZASS has been the cause of the XUL Runner problem - but it certainly seems to affect these other things.

I would like to have this feature active, but not in its current state. Can anyone advise on a workaround?