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Thread: ZA stopping internet access Win 7 XP mode

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    Default ZA stopping internet access Win 7 XP mode

    Hi. I have a bit of a problem that seems to point to zone alarm free but can't work it out.

    I have windows 7 pro on my laptop and have upto date zone alarm free. Now this works fine on 7 but when I use xp mode, I can't use the internet.

    I installed ZA on xp mode as I was told, you need security on that as well as 7. Is this the problem? If I close ZA down in xp mode, all works fine. Is it some setting? I have not had any problems before, as most works on default.

    Maybe you could add a tick box for xp mode or something. Thanks
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    Default Re: ZA stopping internet access

    Well in theory it should work BUT.

    We never designed or even QA tested ZA to be ran in Win 7 XP mode.

    Its an unsupported OS environment and unfortunately your on your own on this one no support for that OS environment from ZoneAlarm.

    Possibly another user on the forum runs it in XP mode on Win 7 and they might have a tip for you.

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    soso Guest

    Default Re: ZA stopping internet access Win 7 XP mode

    I think I have sorted it but can't say what was the problem.

    I removed ZA and reinstalled it. I changed some of the options.

    I was asked if I wanted to set up my programs for the internet, so I said no. I normally say yes.

    Then when a new network popped up, I used keep in trusted zone. I normally select the public network option.

    Last of all, make sure you install all windows xp updates in xp mode. Especially net framework, upto 3.5.

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