I had to clean remove firefox 3.6.12 from my computer running windows 7 found that when I reinstalled it I did not have the zonealarm toolbar. Tried going to browser security and clearing the virtual data did not fix the problem Tried the reset for zonealarm but that did not work either. Cleaned removed zonealarm and reinstall and it did not work either would get an error when I tried to turn on the zonealarm toolbar in Firefox. Removed and reinstall firefox 3.6.12 and still same error. I then remove firefox 3.6.12 and installed Firefox 3.6.7 which was the one before 3.6.12 and the zonealarm toolbar was there. I then let firefox update to 3.6.12 and the toolbar stayed there. Just thought I would pass this along seems that zonealarm will not let you do a fresh install of firefox 3.6.12 without having a problem with the zonealarm toolbar. I also tried the new firefox 4 Bata that is to come out first of next year and zonealarm would not work with it. I hope someone at zonealarm is talking with the people at firefox so they can update zone for the new 4 firefox.