ZA Internet security version
Windows XP SP3 Media Center

My goal - I need/want to be able to see all of the outbound connection attempts from my child's computer even if it is not in violation of the parental control settings or otherwise worthy of a program alert etc.

My current understanding (of course, since I am new to this product everything in the following list could be completely wrong) :

1) expert rules have the ability to log any traffic that matches the rule
2) I believe that I have shown to myself that the expert rules get applied after the parental control rules so anything I allow in an expert rule will not override something that is blocked via parental controls so making an allow all that logs all should create a log of all outgoing connections but still leave the parental controls in place.

Now for my questions - Are these two assumptions are true and if they are where are the logs stored and can they be redirected automatically to a network location?

Thanks for your help and patience as I learn more about this product.