I'm using ZAISS latest version last updates. I use to do a complete scan of my hard drive several times per year, maybe 8 on average. I use the deepest settings I can (currently Super Scan mode and in Scan Options, Riskware, ADS and heuristics enabled, the other 3 checkboxes disabled) and leave the computer unattended.

The Trojan-Spy.Win32.Agent.bloy has been found in a win98 driver (driver_usb20_nvidia_9xme_v2.1.3.exe) of a motherboard (Gigabyte GA-7N400-L) that I used from Jan 2004 to Jul 2007. The rig with that mobo worked fine and no virus was ever found there (with McAfee). I sold that computer in 2007 and built my now secondary one (Athlon X2 5000+) that runs XP and ZAISS. In Sep 2009 I built my now main computer (Phenom II X4 955) that runs Vista and XP, ZAISS in both. No viruses have been ever found in any of the computers involved, although the file has been stored in every of them for years and passed many antivirus scans.

Every computer had or has one partition meant to store drivers, installers, documents etc that I backup quite frequently to rewritable DVD's, and I have these files in these partitions. Since Sep 2009 I've been maintaining and updating the one of my main computer, that I use daily, but the one of my secondary rig is mostly stuck with what it had back then. I turn it on about a 2 hours session per week.

However the virus has been detected in the three copies of the file: in my main computer, in the backup DVD and in the secondary computer.

The file in question is a compressed archive with many files inside as usual with drivers. I've managed to uncompress it to a folder of my secondary computer and the virus has been detected in \usb20_9x\9x_me\driver\Setup.exe .

The file isn't quite important but doesn't this sound to a false positive. Any way to double check?