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Thread: AppMover.exe Quarantined ?

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    Question AppMover.exe Quarantined ?

    ZA-AV 9.1 quarantines the file "appmove.exe" and reports the malware name as: "adware.win32.admedia.kk". I would like to use the software: "Application Mover" from Funduc, Inc. => www. funduc. com/app_mover.htm but I'm worried about the adware - if any.

    I sent the AppMove.exe file to and got a result of 6 / 42 positives.

    Does anyone use this program with ZA-AV 9.1 ?
    Any Advice ?

    Bob C, Oro Valley, ZA
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    you have omitted the "not-a-virus-adware.win32.admedia.kk". As the detection says, its not a virus but a software that comes with advertising in it. "...

    Adware, or advertising-supported software, is any software package which automatically plays, displays, or downloads advertisements to a computer..."

    Up to you to decide if you accept it or not.


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