Hello everyone!

Please help!

I used to use my personal laptop when I first arrived in Uni. I am using ZA Extreme Security. I was having issues with connecting to the network, particularly printing. The IT guys said that my ZA Firewall was still blocking connection to the network. So they suggested that I shut it down whenever I want to print.

Now I am using a University issued laptop which has Sophos. However, to my dismay, I realised that Sophos doesn't update whenever I am not in Uni (even if I am connected via VPN). So I asked the IT guys about it again and they weren't able to resolve that issue so they uninstalled Sophos and installed the Microsoft Security Essentials. MSE also have problems updating.

So I asked the IT guys is I can use ZA instead, they said if I was really worried about it, then I should try it. However, I should be aware that it blocks certain things on the Uni Network.

So I knew printing was the only issue. However, the other day, I just realised it also blocked my connection to the licensing servers of the University. Thus, I was unable to use ArcGIS from home.

Hope you can help. I have already ticked the University in my trusted network.
However, that still doesn't work. I don't know why.

Thanks much in advance!