If Za pro is closed, the disconnexion of my OpenVPN VPN is immediate but if Za pro is active, the disconnexion of my OpenVPN VPN takes a long time, almost 20 seconds (because OpenVPN delete network routes).

In Program Control/Main/Program control/custom Program Control there is :

Enable Avdvanced Program Control = off (because if it's on I have error messages : Application Services and Controleur not allowed to use applications services....)
Enable Application Interaction Control = on
Enable Timing Attack Prevention = on
Enable Microsoft Catalog Utilisation = on

Enable component control = on
Enable services control = on

In Program Control/Main/Program control/custom OSfirewall there is :

Enable OSfirewall = on
State of other choice are "--".

I have given "Super" for the trust level of OpenVPN and OpenVPNgui.

Do you have an idea to speed up the disconnexion?