I'm still running XP (SP3). Since updating ZA Antivirus from to, although the tray icon activity monitor continues to respond to activity when downloading with IE8 - the "Z" icon remains stagnant when I download with (my preferred) GetRight downloader (6.3e) or other third party software (e.g. Freemake Video downloader). Never was a problem before I have searched the forums and read related threads including the two stickies. And yes (yesterday) I did chat with tech support to relate my own variation of this lack of activity (stagnant "Z" icon) issue which for me is peculiar to

Support are 'reporting my comments up to development' and I'm hoping there might be a 'fix' in some future update to ZA. But as I no longer feel that I can trust the ZA activity monitoring as I used to, I'm currently contemplating reverting back to Before taking a step backwards I thought I'd post in the user forums here first, to enquire as to whether my experience is shared (or possibly refuted) by others.

Admittedly GetRight is third party software. I've noted the comments in the stickies explaining that activity is not monitored 'for every single access to the internet by every single application'. But I can only repeat that I've never had any problems with ZA responding to GetRight downloads prior to the latest update. GetRight is popular download software, which I suspect will be used by many ZA users. Is anyone able to duplicate - or contradict - my experience with GetRight and ZA