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Thread: ZA Pro 9.1, Enabling IPv6?

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    Question ZA Pro 9.1, Enabling IPv6?


    Okay, i have two Win7 Ultimate machines - a laptop and a desktop. I used to have them both on the same homegroup so i could share files.

    The other day i installed ZA Pro 9.1 on my laptop, and since have not been able to access the homegroup.

    When 'joining' the homegroup i get the error that IPv6 is not enabled, although when i look at my network adaptor properties IPv6 is definitely enabled. It seems that it would be ZA that has blocked my IPv6 access...

    One problem though... how in the world do i re-enable/allow IPv6 in ZAPro 9.1.

    Ive read previous posts on clicking Firewall > Advanced then the last tab, though all i have under Firewall is Main, Zones and Experts.

    If someone could get back to me on how to 'allow' IPv6 through ZA Pro 9.1 that'd be great

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    Default Re: ZA Pro 9.1, Enabling IPv6?


    I don't think your OLD version of ZA Pro 9.1 Supports iPv6 ?

    You need to upgrade to ZA Pro

    ZoneAlarm Pro version

    This update includes security and stability improvements, and fixes a rare file download issue.

    ZoneAlarm Pro version

    Performance and stability improvements:

    Includes Microsoft patch for Windows 7 and Vista systems:
    Resolves issues with running two security products at once
    Resolves Internet connectivity and stability issues, especially with Windows 7 64-bit systems
    IPv6 support now on by default for supported operating systems
    Fixed: Issue causing slow startup of Internet Explorer
    Fixed: Excessive hard drive activity issue
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