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Thread: Save on your ZoneAlarm Subscription Renewal

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    Default Save on your ZoneAlarm Subscription Renewal

    I was recently sent a marketing email from ZA prompting me to renew my 3PC ZASS subscription.
    __________________________________________________ _

    Just a little reminder to let you know your ZoneAlarm Security Suite 3 PC - 1 Year subscription will expire in a few weeks.
    Renew today and SAVE
    Stay safe. Be sure you renew your subscription for uninterrupted protection from the latest online threats, and to continue to receive FREE product version updates and online technical support throughout the year.
    ZoneAlarm Security Suite 3 PC - 1 Year
    Only GBP 11.24 (Regularly GBP 44.95 )
    Act now and SAVE:
    __________________________________________________ _

    I used the link in the email to renew my license. I added the new license number to one copy of ZASS and was surprised to see that instead of the new license period of one year being added to the 35 days remaining to make the new expiry period 400 days (35+365) the new period shown is just 365 days.

    I went to the 'Live Chat Support' and was told that this offer would negate my old subscription and start a new subscription period of one year. Nowhere in the email was that stated - in fact the implication was that the renewal would be an update to my existing subscription.

    How do I go about getting back the missing 35 days?

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    Sorry Unfortunately, unless you made a Backup of your computer before you applied your new License key, as the Customer Support explained to you, their is no way to Roleback..

    If after Renewing, you had waited until your old License Expired, before applying your new key, then you would not have lost the 35 days..

    NOTE: Please read the Following Thread on the limited time Special $25.00 sales special for ZA Extreme.. This thread may explain the Solution that is simulare to your problem...

    NOTE2: If the above is not satifactory, then you may contact Customer Support again and ask for a refund?

    Good luck..
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    Quote Originally Posted by royreed View Post
    How do I go about getting back the missing 35 days?
    Surely not here since we are all users and this forum is dedicated to ZA product related support not licenses.
    If you are not able to ask for a refund and install the old license then I am afraid your out of luck.

    Edit: sorry see now that the post was already answered.

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