I've recently started to use VLC (Videolan) to watch IPTV. I normally watch it in Firefox browser. Have also used IE. (Firefox requires VLC plugin & IE requires Active X). And have also watched programs directly in actual VLC program.

I have the same programs & setup on this Windows 7 laptop & Vista laptop. All programs are latest versions & all latest updates installed from Microsoft.

To watch IPTV you need to set up an expert rule as follows

Rank______ 1
Name_____ IPTV
Source_____ ISP
Destination_ Any
Protocol____ IPTV Channel IGMP, IPTV Stream UDP 1234
Action_____ Block
Track_____ Alert and Log
Time______ Any
Comments__ (Note: IGMP is Membership Rep Ver2, Type 22 & UDP port is 1234)

this is the only expert rule I have setup.

However just noticed that when I click <edit>, set Action to <BLOCK> and then click <apply> it does not apply the rule and the IPTV stream still goes to the browsers or VLC. This only occurs in Windows7, my Vista system immediately blocks stream.

If I reboot then the rule is applied.

Does this mean ZoneAlarm is not installed correctly or is to do with Windows7?