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Thread: Can't completely rid ZA firewall

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    Default Can't completely rid ZA firewall

    I have been unable to completely uninstall ZoneAlarm free firewall. I used uninstall, then searched for files listed in list of suggested files to delete and used the cpes_clean.exe utility. I deleted all files and folders I could find. I did not modify registry. Now, when I start Netscape browser or email client and Firefox browser, the programs are opening ports to contact and appear to download data. Is there any way to find the offending files, add-ons, extensions, or drivers and get rid of them? I need to stop packet downloads. I would like to avoid reformat of HDD and two more days of work.
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    Probably the best is to install latest ZA free full features and then remove it via the normal unistaller.

    Find the latest ZAfree here:

    And for a better control of installing/removing process you can try the free version of the Revo uninstaller.

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