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Thread: MSIE8.0.6 aborting with ZA

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    vlburch Guest

    Default MSIE8.0.6 aborting with ZA

    It appears an add on to Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0.6x is causing MSIE to crash when run with add ons enabled. I had to disable all Zone Alarm add ons to get it to work without crashing and add ons enabled. The offending files appear to be tbZon1.dll and tbZone.dll. This just started a few days ago, and I finally got it to not keep going again by disabling the anti-phishing part. ZA version

    Is there a fix available for this?

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: IE8.0.6 aborting with ZA toolbar

    I did a little searching on Conduit, they are a 3rd party toolbar that appears to be used/ partnered with ZA Free; and I found this on their website- click here > < it appears that their toolbar had problems causing IE to crash. They have issued an 'update/ upgrade' to fix this issue they say.

    My recommendations - I notice you have a older version of ZA Free 9.2.057 - maybe you need to update to the latest version
    Click here to download the latest version ZA Free firewall >
    (if you wish you may un-install your 'old' ZA toolbar in windows add/ remove before the ZA Free 9.2.102 upgrade - just as an extra precaution)
    This may resolve your issue.

    if the issue persists after the upgrade...

    ... keep your 'update enabled' and "wait a bit" till it get's sorted one way or another. Conduit toolbar is used by various software besides ZA.
    PS - I'm just curious if you can find the version number for the toolbar? and post back.
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