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Thread: ZA update takes me to a 404. FREE????

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    Timbo in Oz Guest

    Default ZA update takes me to a 404. FREE????

    ZA is set to auto update, I'm now getting a regular pop-up window to update now or later. When I agree to 'now', Firefox takes me to a URL that gives a 404 message.

    When I try to update to the latest version of ZA free the free option just blinks, but of course the OR buy an upgrade to ZA IS suite free is just fine, but it's not for me. Is this intentional? GRRRRR!

    When I go to the ZA free history page not only does the upgrade now to teh latest version not work but NONE of the others do either. IS THIS intentional too!?


    Tim B

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    Default Re: ZA update takes me to a 404. FREE????


    I'm sorry that your experiencing a problem downloading the New ZA Free

    I just now tried to download the Current ZASetup_92_102.000_en.exe (English version) from both the

    and from the 30 day Trail page, and had no problem downloading the ZA Free Upgrade..

    In order for us to help you without guessing in the dark,

    Please provide us a little more information about your computer configuration and what the steps are to reproduce your problem?

    It is Sometimes very Difficult to Diagnose and fix a Computer from halfway across the Country, without All the Details,without the ability to sit in front of your Computer monitor and see what's going on..

    Is this a Desktop/Laptop/netbook?
    PC memory Size?
    Windows OS version (XP Sp3/Vista SP1-SP2/Windows 7 32bit-64bit) including Service packs
    What Browser Type and version are you using?

    How do you access the Internet?
    Dialup, cable modem, ADLS, behind a Router?
    have you checked with your ISP to see if it may be a server problem on the ISP's side?
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