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Thread: [SOLVED] ZoneAlarm Toolbar crashes IE7

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    J0N Guest

    Angry [SOLVED] ZoneAlarm Toolbar crashes IE7

    I have recently started having a problem with IE7 crashing, saying an error has occurred and Internet Explorer needs to close. The message indicates that the problem was caused by add-on tcZon1.dll from Conduit Ltd. When I go into the IE add-on manager, there are two items with this file name, both identified as the ZoneAlarm Toolbar. If I disable these items then IE7 runs fine (but without the ZA toolbar, obviously). As soon as I re-enable these items the ZA toolbar comes back, but IE7 crashes again almost immediately. Any ideas?

    ZA Free version, automatic update enabled.
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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm Toolbar/ Conduit toolbar crashes IE7

    I did a little searching on Conduit, they are a 3rd party toolbar that appears to be used/ partnered with ZA Free; and I found this on their website > < it appears that their toolbar had problems causing IE to crash. They have issued an 'update/ upgrade' to fix this issue they say.

    My recommendations - I notice you have a older version of ZA Free 9.2.057 - maybe you need to update to the latest version
    Click here to download the latest version ZA Free firewall >
    (if you wish you may un-install your 'old' ZA toolbar in windows add/ remove before the ZA Free 9.2.102 upgrade - just as an extra precaution)
    This may resolve your issue.

    if the issue persists after the upgrade...

    ... keep your 'update enabled' and "wait a bit" till it get's sorted one way or another. Conduit toolbar is used by various software besides ZA.
    PS - I'm just curious if you can find the version number for the toolbar? and post back.
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    J0N Guest

    Smile Re: ZoneAlarm Toolbar crashes IE7

    Followed your suggestions:

    Uninstalled toolbar (tbZon1.dll file version
    Upgraded ZoneAlarm to 9.2.102, which re-installed the toolbar (now tbZone.dll file version

    All working great now!


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