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Thread: Computer virtually stops during updates==> Solution: upgrade to Verion 10.x

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    bojags Guest

    Question Computer virtually stops during updates==> Solution: upgrade to Verion 10.x

    My computer virtually stops during the periodic definition updates - It doesn't respond to anything (mouse, etc) until the update is complete. Tried everything I can think off, but no help.I am using Zonealarm Extreme ver on a Desktop with 2GB RAM, 2.8GHz CPU speed, WD 80GB HDD, running XP SP3 (all patches installed).I connect to the Internet via Wirelss ADSL and am not running any other security programs when this problem occurs.
    The most common program I would be running during the problem period would be Mozilla Firefox 3.6.12.
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    Question Re: Computer virtually stops during updates


    Please provide us a little more information about your computer configuration and what the steps are to reproduce your problem?

    It is Sometimes very Difficult to Diagnose and fix a Computer from halfway across the Country, without All the Details,without the ability to sit in front of your Computer monitor and see what's going on..

    What ZA Type and version #
    Is this a Desktop/Laptop/netbook? what Brand?
    PC memory Size?
    PC CPU Speed?
    Hard drive Size and Speed? (Has it ever been Optimized or Defragmented?)

    What Windows OS version (XP Sp3/Vista SP1-SP2/Windows 7 32bit-64bit) including Service packs

    What other Programs do you have running in the Background that Compete for Computer Resouces?

    How do you Connect to the Internet?, Cable Broadband, Wireless,ADLS, Dialup? Lan behind a Router,

    What other Security Programs do you have installed?
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    Default Re: Computer virtually stops during updates


    Your experience is normal on some WinXP systems.

    Kaspersky's method of checking the hard drive for what updates are needed then downloading them and then applying them is very hard drive intensive (and sometimes CPU intensive) and can lock up a PC like you described until it has finished making it impossible to do anything else.

    Checkpoint has several Lab PC's with XP and very similar CPU's as your and I see the same thing at varying levels.

    There really is nothing right now that can be done. Besides a new PC and upgrade to Windows 7 OS.

    The new PC's on the market and Win 7 nowadays handle this better, but its still not perfect.

    In the next major release of ZA in 2011 we will be getting a whole new AV engine and update system from Kaspersky which THEY claim will help speed updates up as much as 40%. This may not address the issue of your PC not being used during the update but it should shorten the time of the update a little bit.

    This is just how Kaspersky works and nothing ZA can fix. Sorry.

    NOTE: the in July 2011 ZA 10.0.250 added a new Kaspersky Antivirus Engine:

    Enhanced Cloud Security: 3rd generation cloud technologies detect 50,000 - 75,000 new applications every day and verify threats detected by behavioral scans.

    New Antivirus engine: Including behavioral detection and advanced virus removal, plus virus pre-scan during installation.

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    andalusian Guest

    Default Re: Computer virtually stops during updates

    I am having exactly the same problem. It only started recently and cannot be the system as I have not added any new programmes for ages. If it were only once a day it would not be too bad, but the updates seem to keep coming.
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    bojags Guest

    Smile Re: Computer virtually stops during updates

    Many thanks for your help - I guess I'll just put up with it as I'm happy with the product in all other respects.

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