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Thread: [SOLVED] Slow data transfer speeds on LAN --> Add IPs as TRUSTED

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    Lightbulb [SOLVED] Slow data transfer speeds on LAN --> Add IPs as TRUSTED

    I noticed that the data transfer rates on my network were abysmally low while backing up one of my PCs. I expected at least 80 Mbits/sec and was averaging around 12. After turning off ZASS, the transfer rate jumped to 93 Mbits/sec. This significantly reduced the amount of time required to create a drive image for the PC that I was backing up.

    Of course I don't want to turn off ZASS every time I perform a backup. It occurred to me that adding an IP range for the DHCP clients on my LAN to the Trusted Zone on the destination PC would do the trick. Sure enough it did.

    If there's a better way to resolve this issue, please advise. I couldn't find anything in the Forum when I searched.
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