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Thread: WS FTP 2007 Pro - can't connect => Upgrade to wsftp v.12

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    Lightbulb WS FTP 2007 Pro - can't connect => Upgrade to wsftp v.12

    I've just installed ZoneAlarm Extreme Security, and now cannot connect to my website via WSFTP 2007 Professional. Can someone please tell me what settings I need to add so that I can connect? I have managed to actually connect a few times (but it takes awhile). And when it finally does connect, I cannot see my files. It's a blank space, and clearly that's not the case b/c my site is up and running. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    have you checked at their support site? I see many using ZA with no apparent problem.
    Probably worth to post there and ask if any particular settings are needed for the FTP program to work.

    Unless you have changed some configuration settings in ZA, the first 20 days it will automatically setup permissions for all your programs. Also ensure that your LAN is set to trusted (e.g. 192.168.X.X.) and the ZA firewall section (zones).

    Have you fully removed other security tools installed on the system? Its not enough to disable them.


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    We just happen to use Ipswitch wsftp pro a lot here and ZA will automatically configure all the proper settings for the program if you let us.

    It works flawlessly with ZA, it is not a bug.

    NOTE: you have an old un-supported version of wsftp. We test with the latest version 12. Upgrade wsftp first. Support will not help with old outdated software like that.

    You may have some custom configuration of ZA that blocks it or something else.

    Check the log files to see if anything is blocked when wsftp tries to connect and if it is add that entry to the trusted zone from the log viewer.

    Also your ZA DB files may be corrupt and you should try resetting them.
    CTRL+SHIFT then right click the Z icon in system tray and select Reset.

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