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Thread: You disable the scanning once it's expired?

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    Thumbs down You disable the scanning once it's expired?

    My serial number expired the other day. I won't renew for several reasons. For starters, I paid under $15 last year for the whole program, and the renewal now wants $49.95 just to extend the AV signature for another 12 months. Like ****.

    At any rate, I noticed that I can no longer scan files/directories. WTH? So once the AV subscription expires the program disables the scanning? I mean sure, I don't expect any further AV signature updates after the expiration date, but I still expect to keep using the AV scanner using the definitions I have at the time it expired.

    Again, I don't want to be able to download any further AV definitions, but I still should be able to manually scan files and directories (or drives) just like I was able to do before.

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    Sorry all users here, you need to contact ZA support at the link in my signature to receive clarification about it.

    btw, scanning with old signatures makes little sense given that thousands of malware is added each day to the antivirus signatures and you are not likely to be targeted by old virus anyway since most have built-in expiring dates nowadays.

    You should remove ZA and install something else to be protected, no use to keep ZA installed if you want to use only its antivirus portion. And if you are using another antivirus you will need to downgrade to ZAPRO or ZAfree. Since components may be conflicting with other antivirus solution even if disabled.


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    Hello User Scammed;

    I agree with Guru Fax,

    The lost of use of some Features in ZAAV/ZA Suite and Za Extreme if you do not Renew Expired Registration keys, is mentioned on Webpage and Knowlwdgebase..

    NOTE: If you would like to take advantage of the Limited time offer for a discounted product price then Check this Zone Alarm Link..
    ZoneAlarm® Extreme Security

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    Default Re: You disable the scanning once it's expired?

    If your running Suite here is a limited time offer to buy a new copy of Suite at a really good price from the ZoneAlarm web site.

    This is limited time and can be removed any day so act on it quick!
    Once it gone I cant get it back for you.

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