ZA Experts,

I have ZA Extreme, Windows XP SP3. I just installed latest version 9.3.037 last night. I have virtualization enabled (before updating and now).

I have been having some issues with rogue PDFs showing up at my doorstep - asking to be downloaded. I assume they are served via some 3rd party malicious code injected at a website I've visited. (I frequently clean my cache as well as use the Clean Up disk utility, as well as scan for viruses)

ZA's Download dialog will reference the PDF file name and a domain I've never been to. (These domains are generally brand new... days old). Last night, upon returning to my PC after dinner, a Green screen was displaying from ZA. A rogue PDF must have arrived, "run" I assume, was initiated, and ZA must have scanned the PDF and determined it to be "safe"... The prompt left for me was "Do you wish to Open it?"

Thus, I've been testing my setup and updated ZA* (although I have automatic update ON, I wasn't aware of an upgrade until I manually initiated product "update")

I've also been experimenting with my IE8 addon settings. I tested my setup by downloading a few PDFs that I have created and uploaded to my own website. (Virtualization ON). When I go to my Temp>IswTmp>DwlRun directory, I can see the PDFs there.

***BUT, when I clear Virtualization - via ZA Toolbar > Settings > Clear Virtualization, the PDF files are still there. Aren't these supposed to be deleted, too?***

Meanwhile, I updated my Firefox, looking forward to using it with "No-Script" -- however, upon its update, Firefox won't run. And from what I have read -- I will need to reinstall along with all the extensions I had. The reason I had not been using Firefox, was I mistrusted the ZA toolbar was really functioning properly with all the conflicts between these 2 programs.

Sorry for the long post. Any advice is appreciated!