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    Andrew Dillon Guest

    Arrow 'New Network Found'

    This refers to the New Network Found window popping up repeatedly, no matter which option on it you choose.

    I've seen lots of threads about this but, for some reason, they repeatedly get closed before they've been solved! This isn't of help to anyone. Keeping them as stickies just wastes reading time.

    The knowledgebase's 'solution' is at!PAGETYPE?sq=configure&sf=101113&sg=0 &st=321475&documentid=347109&action=view. However, as other users, have said, this is wrong.

    "4) Under the Network Settings, check either the Include networks in the Trusted Zone upon detection radio button or the Exclude networks in the Trusted Zone upon detection."
    In version (the latest as at December 2010), Network Settings doesn't exist - at least not in the location described. The knowledgebase page needs correcting.

    Could we have an official, and conclusive, answer from technical support about this please?
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    We have updated the knowledge base article to exclude Free ZoneAlarm.

    At this time there is no 100% fix or workaround for this issue if your experiencing it.

    We have determined the root cause is corrupt database files and we have a fix for this coming in the next major release in 2011.

    Until then you could try resetting the database files by
    Holding down on the CTRL+SHIFT keys and right clicking the Z icon in the toolbar and select the RESET option.

    We know this is not the best workaround but its all we have right now.

    We have seen there are much larger number of users with this issue who run Windows XP verses Windows 7. So migrating to Windows 7 might help also.

    This is the Official response from tech support on this matter for now.

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