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    Andrew Dillon Guest

    Arrow 'New Network Found'

    This refers to the New Network Found window popping up repeatedly, no matter which option on it you choose.

    I've seen lots of threads about this but, for some reason, they repeatedly get closed before they've been solved! This isn't of help to anyone. Keeping them as stickies just wastes reading time.

    The knowledgebase's 'solution' is at!PAGETYPE?sq=configure&sf=101113&sg=0 &st=321475&documentid=347109&action=view. However, as other users, have said, this is wrong.

    "4) Under the Network Settings, check either the Include networks in the Trusted Zone upon detection radio button or the Exclude networks in the Trusted Zone upon detection."
    In version (the latest as at December 2010), Network Settings doesn't exist - at least not in the location described. The knowledgebase page needs correcting.

    Could we have an official, and conclusive, answer from technical support about this please?
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