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Thread: zonealarm stops the downlod process

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    Default zonealarm stops the downlod process


    I have zonealarm extreme security with win 7.
    When I downloading files from the browser, ZoneAlarm browser security detects it and starts to download the file. The problem is, that in many cases the download stops before the file has been fully downloaded. This happens without any warning or message. It happens in 50% percent of the times and it's forcing me to downlolad a single file several times - until the zonealarm browser security finishes with success...

    What is the problem and what should I do to fix it?


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    Default Re: zonealarm stops the downlod process

    please note that we are all users here. If you want instant support please contact the ZA technical support at the link in my signature.

    If you want feedback from others users here then do not forget to post the exact version of ZA used and other tools installed.

    What you describe is common on slow connections or large files where the connection is dropped by the source.


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