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    My mother received an email, from a friends email which was hijacked, containing a rapidshare link to downloaded the very same hijack virus. Not knowing what it was at the time, she downloaded it. AVG did nothing of course, and supposedly it took the local computer guys two tries to get the virus out :/

    I've recommended ZoneAlarm, thus I would like to submit the link containing the virus, in case it's not currently known by ZoneAlarm. Where can I send the link?'


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    I assume you are running a ZA product with antivirus. Please consider that running multiple antivirus programs is not recommended since they will fight for resources, cause conflicts, slow your system and block each others in case of infection = less security.

    If you are running only the ZA firewall then you can't send sample to ZA since ZA firewall has no antivirus. If you are running ZA antivirus, suite or extreme you can send it to Kaspersky. As indicated here:

    xyz was not detected. What I should do?

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