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    stormsy Guest

    Question Strange behaviour from ZoneAlarm...

    Hi all,

    I didn't know where to put this, if it's in the wrong place, then do move it.

    Well, first off I've noticed strange behaviour of ZoneAlarm Internet Secuirty (ver and it's frequency of updating its AV signatures.

    To explain: once my computer has booted up and I am on the desktop, 5 mins afterwards ZAISS will update, after then every hour it will update (which usually takes 2 mins max.). Recently, 2 days ago, ZAISS will update 5 mins after booting up to the desktop and then 15 mins after that it will update again. However, the time it takes to complete the update is now 5 mins instead of 2 mins. I guess it is updating as the DAT version is increasing compared to GerogeV's DAT version, but the behaviour is strange. I'm not sure what to do... :S

    Secondly - on September 13th 2010, ZAISS ver was released. I understand that due to the numerous servers ZA has around the world, it takes time to roll the latest version of ZAISS across all the servers. It's been 3 months and ZAISS has not notified me (automatically) of the new update. It was only luck that I clicked on "Check for Updates" did it appear saying there was a new update.

    Can I install "over-the-top" of that I have installed, or do I need to do a clean installation?

    I've done a Super Scan of the computer (latest AV updates), as well as with MalwareBytes and SuperAnti Spyware Edition FREE (both do not run with real-time protection as of conflicts with ZA). The results come back saying I'm clean - no infections.

    My computer setup is;
    WinXP Home Ed, SP3 with latest available updates,
    ZAISS (with latest DAT file updates),
    ZA ForceField (latest version).

    Any ideas would be appreciated,
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