I have ZAISS running along side ForceField as two separate installations. I understand that you can buy ZA Extreme which has ForceField included. I've noticed that it has a licence to protect up to 3 PC's.

This has caught my eye, as my son has a laptop and will be going to Uni next year, so it would be nice to pay a single yearly fee yet protect two computers (added bonus: it's cheaper than buying single security suites for each one).

My question(s) is this; installation onto the two computers is bog-standard, but what if my son (or I for that matter) have to reinstall ZA Extreme? Do we just uninstall and reinstall as if it were a single program, as long as we have the product key, we would be okay?

If I renewed the product key - do I (and my son) just enter the key in and it will be registered?

I apologise if the questions either seem confusing or silly, but this concept is new to me...
Thanks for any help given,