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    Angry email contact list

    On 12/14/2010 trespassed in my email contact list and managed to send emails to many of the confidential and private addresses.
    I feel violated and helpless because I do not know how it was done, will they do it again or how to correct it so it won’t happen again.
    I paid $100 to buy “ZoneAlarm” Extreme Security with email protection and I cannot even get in touch with them to report this problem and ask them to help me. I also have hotmail protection.
    My apologies to all for any problems that this incident has caused. If anyone knows how to correct this problem please advise me.
    Thank you,

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    Sorry to hear you had an email hijack type of issue.

    ZA will protect you from Viruses and other things that are attached to emails, when you open the attachment AV will scan the file. Thats the extent of email protection in ZA.

    But were not sure what you have on your system or how it got there.

    It could have very well gotten on your system when you installed what you believed was legitimate software and you would have give it access when prompted because you thought it was legitimate.

    Thats just one of the many ways it could have gotten on your PC.

    If you ran an AV scan and set the the scan mode to super scan and it did not find anything then it could be a different intrusion or threat we don't look for.

    What software have you ran to detect that you actually really have a threat on the PC it self? besides the fact some emails were sent from your account that you didn't send? What was the threat identified as?

    If our own AV does not detect anything then support really cant figure out whats happening or has happened.

    You could try a free program that support recommends to user to try all the time, Malwarebytes

    Download the free version, install it, update it, and run a full scan with it.

    If it does not find anything then maybe another forum user can recommend other detection tools.

    If nothing can find a problem on the PC then it sounds like it was not something on the PC that did this. Maybe someone knows or figured out the password to you email account. then they could send it from anywhere and masquerade as you and your email address.

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