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Thread: Problems updating AV...

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    stormsy Guest

    Angry Problems updating AV...


    For the past 2 days - I have had problems updating the AV definitions in ZoneAlarm Internet Secuirty Suite.

    The problem occurred in version, where I mentioned in a previous posting that I noticed erratic behaviour in ZoneAlarm updating. On day 1, it would not update for 4 hours since when I turned the PC on. The only message I got was when I tried to manually update was; "Error: Download Error." Afterwards, it updated, but then it couldn't for the rest of the day.

    On Day 2 - the PC was turned on, it updated, then at 12 noon it tried to update, no good. For 8 hours since then, it would not update. I contacted Tech Support who said there were no problems with the update servers.

    I applied the update patch (version - at first it would not allow me to upgrade, I got a BSOD half way through. I uninstalled it (using the cleaner tool, cleaned using CCleaner) and reinstalled. It installed, then updated - good! Three hours later, it had not updated the AV definitions.

    All the suggested settings were left untouched - I'm using all the defult settings. The only thing I have changed is the frequency of when ZA updates, it was set on every 3 hours but I changed it to every 30 mins.

    I've scanned using MalwareBytes, Spybot Search and Destroy and SuperAntiSpyware Edition FREE (all up-to-date, not using real-time protection, ZA was turned off during the scans) with the PC disconnected from the net. I also scanned suing ZA too - all results said no infections were detected.

    So now I have virus definitions that were received at 7.39 am this morning and ZA has not been able to update since, not sure how old the definitions have to be before Windows Security Centre flags the issue up.

    I'm using Win XP Home Ed, SP3, all MS updates up-to-date and applied. Using ZAISS ver:, ForceField ver:
    Any help is appreciated
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    Default Re: Problems updating AV...

    BSOD is an indication that something else is going wrong at your end apart from ZA. Probably some tools conflicting with ZA? You also seem to run way too many security tools. SBotS&D is known to conflict with ZA and add very little to the rest.

    Considering you are a licensed user of ZA the best is to get this properly reported and troubleshooted at the official support. Link to support in my signature.


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    Default Re: Problems updating AV...

    You really don't say what happening. Just that no Av updates.

    What happens when you try to update the AV?

    What does it do?

    Some detailed description would help than a general it does not update.

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    Default Re: Problems updating AV...

    When I try to manually update the AV, it's obviously trying to download as the lights on my router are flashing, it gets to about 9-10% when downloading, then stays like that for about 2 mins, and then I get a message saying; "Error: Download Error." Nothing else - no code, no detailed message.

    When ZA updates itself automatically, the icon changes in the task bar (with the white arrow on the "Z") like it is meant to do. The PC runs normally, i.e.; doesn't hang (3.4 GHz dual core processor, 3.2 GB ram - it's not like the PC is slow or anything during the update) and then after about 5 mins the icon reverts back to it's usual "Z" and that's it. When you look under the tab "AntiVirus/AntiSpyware" , it will show the time and date for when ZA attempted to update, but the time and date for when ZA completed the update does not change (it has not changed since 7.39 am 17th/12/2010).

    How old do the AV definitions have to be before Windows Security Centre flags up saying that the ZA AV is out-of-date?

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