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Thread: Untrusted WLAN and VPNs

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    Default Untrusted WLAN and VPNs

    Scenario: Wireless ADSL router with firewall enabled, WPA-PSK+WPA2-PSK enabled, no SSID broadcast. Verified by external tests to be very secure. Win XP server with Hamachi VPN enabled, connected to router by wireless link

    Loaded ZoneAlarm free for the first time. (Wireless) Network Connection Wizards put both the local WLAN (196.168...) and the VPN (5.0...) networks into Internet category.

    Local WLAN users can no longer fully access the XP server running WAMP, and the VPNs are disabled.

    Cannot change the status of these connections. Tried disabling both ports (which removed the firewall entries). Added new entries for subnets, but these were then overriden by the original 'Untrusted' Internet entries as soon as the ports were re-enabled.

    Cannot find Expert mode to fix this problem. Cannot find out if Expert mode is enabled in ZA Free. Had to uninstall ZA just to maintain service.

    Any help resolving this issue would be gratefully received.

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    Default Re: Untrusted WLAN and VPNs

    Not sure why you assign the VPN to the internet to should be set as TRUSTED, also ensure your DHCP and DNS are added as trusted in the ZA firewall zone and ZA trusted zone is set to medium. Check the ZA logs for items been blocked. NO, expert rules cannot be created in ZAfree only licensed versions.

    Open the online help and search for "VPN" you will find plenty of information on configurations the same applies if you search for "troubleshooting", you will find info on how troubleshoot connectivity issues.


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