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Thread: ms-Ternimal server tring to get access 240679.exe

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    Question ms-Ternimal server tring to get access 240679.exe

    HI! I am getting a message from zonealarm asking me to accept a program trying to communicate with the Internet "Microsoft Terminal Server Provider" and the file is 240679.exe

    I also had another program called "LHO.exe and LHI.exe" I removed those file but when I checked for the 240679.exe I found it in the windows\temp and windows\prefech. I did delete it but its still asking me to accept.

    I did Deny it permanently but I am still concerned.

    I checked my startup for new entries and did find LHO.exe and removed it. and rebooted. but where is this file " 240679.exe coming from? Its not in my start-up, at least ( unless its mascurading as another program.

    Has anyone else come across something similar?


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    Default Re: ms-Ternimal server tring to get access 240679.exe

    The best in these cases is to proceed with a careful check for malware:
    Malware Clean-up Guidance

    Including posting your logs at bleeepingcomputer or spywarehammer to have your system checked by malware experts (links in the above mentioned thread).


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