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    I have zonealarm extreme security 2011, running on a desktop with windows XP. This machine is on all day and connected to the internet.
    Nothing poped up during a recent "super scan", but Hitman Pro (ver 3.5.8) keeps poping up "kavbase.kdl" located in
    C:\WINDOWS\system32\Zonelabs\avsys\bases\ Is this a false positive?
    Has anyone else had this show up?

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    Splinterd1 Guest

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    I goolled kavbase.kdl, it apears to be "kavbase.kdl is a kavbase" "belonging to Kaspersky Anti-Virus Bases" "from Kaspersky Lab"
    Hit man pro said that it may be benign, and looking at some of the results from google, I'm leaning towards thinking that it is benign.
    What do you think?

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    Of course it is, but you will not know 100% unless you report it (as you probably already know). Depending on which engine has detected it you will need to report it to the respective engine developer (5 different vendors) or ask hitmanpro support (support at hitmanpro dot com). They will confirm or not the false positive.

    You should use hitman pro only in case of infections and not on a day to day bases.

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