In a manual scan of the system partition and 2 others--100GB of programs--at "Normal Speed", ZA starts out with the C:\ (system) partition. After about 5 hours and 400,000 files, scan data indicates 99% complete, but scan continues another 10 hours and 1-1/2 million files still at 99%. Also, by five hours the scan is doing the C:\ drive again and appears to be repeating. For instance, it goes through C:\user\me\local settings\application data\application data\application data\application data\ What's going on?

I'm using Win7, Azus P4P100 Deluxe mother board, 3Ghz Intel, 2GB RAM, more than sufficient drive space.

Zone Alarm AV v. 9.l3.037.000
True Vector engine
AV/AS engine v. 8.02.48 DAT
ZA Browser security