First off, I did the search for Java related questions and couldn't find one for my program issue.

I go to a particular website,, to print out grocery coupons. It used to work for me but now it doesn't. If anyone is familiar with it, when you select the coupons to print a big red "S" shows up- and it says if it shows for more than 5 seconds you need to enable Java. Well I thought I had- here are some of my details

ZA Security Suite
Program Control- set to "auto learn"
Smart Defense- also set to "auto"
Under programs, I have several java entries and I changed all of them to green checks (allow)
My java version is 6-23
I am running Windows XP Service Pack 3 Home Edition
Internet Explorer 8.0

At, they have a tutorial, the same as on the site- I have enabled scripting, cleared my cache, but still no success at printing these coupons. Can anyone tell me if there is a setting in my ZA that I am not checking? Thanks so much!!!!