I frequently use a program called GMAX by TurboSquid which is distributed by Microsoft on their Flight Simulator X Acceleration Pack, for the purpose of constructing flight simulation scenery. Recently (and since going to Windows 7 operating system) I am getting intermittent and all to frequent Runtime error 216 at (address). Only by performing a full viral scan with ZA Extreme and SuperAntiSpyware Pro can I manage to get past the 216 error. Per Microsoft, there is the possibility that I have SubSeven Trojan Virus.

Questions here are, why doesn't ZA Extreme capture this and eradicate it if it is a trojan? And, just how do I get rid of the problem?

I have, and have run, not only ZA Extreme and Super AntiSpyware Pro but also PC Tune-Up. So far, nobody is eradicating this issue. Is it a false positive? If so, why does it prevent GMAX from starting, until I do another full system scan - which never shows SubSeven?

Help would be appreciated, this is getting old.