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Thread: Netgear USB wireless adapter Problems with Windows 7 64 bit

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    Default Netgear USB wireless adapter Problems with Windows 7 64 bit

    Recently purchased my spouse a new desktop with Windows 7 64 bit. Installed Extreme Security via direct connect to wireless router then attempted to install Netgear USB wireless adapter. Software for adapter installed correctly but was unable to see any wireless network even though it was setting within 3 ft of wireless router. After working for a number of hours and trying various suggested fixes by 3rd party "experts" gave up and did a complete reload of the systems operating system. Installed Netgear USB wireless adapter software first and adapter worked as it was supposed to. Since then I got a reply from Netgear tech support (over a week from initial problem report) and they indicate that the problem is with Kaspersky software installed on the system. Do not know if Zone Alarm uses this software in virus detection but suspect so due to Negear not installing with Zone Alarm installed (note did shutdown Zone Alarm but still would not install) and would install without Zone Alarm installed. Here is the link to the problem and solution:

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    have you tried to install only the drivers and not the software from neatgear?
    Let windows 7 to manage the connection. There should be an option given in netgear installation. This will ensure no conflicts with ZA.

    Yes, it uses the antivirus engine from Kaspersky. If this is the case then remove ZA install the drivers, reinstall ZA.

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