Hi All,
I have been using Zone Alarm at home for a number of years and have been pleased with it.

At work, we have a stand alone network which is used for video editing and the like (3 machines only). We got hit by the "Rimecud.BxB" virus which the trial version of ZA was able to clean up neatly.

We do not want to have this production network connected to internet, and yet, Zone Alarm appears to only allow updates if connected to the internet. Crawling through teh knowledge base has been fruitless.

Other AV software like Nortons and McFee have stand alone antivirus definition libraries that can be downloaded to allow for updating of stand alone machines.

We are currently evaluating AV software, and the lack of being able to obtain these update files is the only thing ruling ZA out.

Can someone advise how to keep the AV definition files up to date without needing to connect to the internet? We have a admin network long side and this is where we download files for the stand alone network.

looking forward to your advise