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Thread: Why moving to latest version of ZAfree?

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    ghot Guest

    Default Why moving to latest version of ZAfree?

    Windows XP Pro SP3 fully updated.

    I was quite happy with Zonealarm Free v 80.065.000
    Currently I'm running v 92.102.000.

    Things I've noticed:
    1. ~Bleep~ popups.
    2. The Program Control page is way more complicated than it used to be in the older
    a. Is there some good reason I should be using the newer version on a stand alone
    computer? I never got infections with the older version, and did surf the darkside
    of the web occasionally.
    b. Running the same programs with both versions (older and newer) my program
    control page has at least 3x the amount of entries, and is a LOT more finicky
    than the older version.

    3. The ONLY reason I updated to the newest version was that some .dll exploit finding
    program, said one of the .dlls in the older version had been exploited. Right after
    the Microsoft Advisory about possible .dll exploits...I downloaded this .dll exploit
    finding program...that I had found after hours of searching the web...using hints ofc
    from the common tech guru sites. I have no idea whatsoever if this program was
    accurate or not. It scaned my entire system and only found the one exploit.

    4. question is: Is there some important reason to have updated to the new
    version, or would a simple uninstall and reinstall of the older version have solved the


    I WANT to go back to the Free ZA version there some REAL reason I shouldn't do this?

    I have seen NO security improvements with any of the later versions of ZA Free.

    I use no chat clients, no Facebook, I dont Twitter other words I'm not an *****.

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    Default Re: Why moving to latest version of ZAfree?

    Edited the title that was not really reflecting the content. Please keep on topic, do not disparage, to avoid removal of posts without notice.

    Your question has been posted many times before. New versions of software fixes bugs and vulnerabilities (that are normally not disclosed) of older versions and it is not a good idea to keep using old versions. Running an old security tool is like running no tool.

    The new version of ZA offers a cloud based security that was only available in retail versions. This may help blocking malicious software from harming the system. As many free products there is a price to pay, pop-ups at boot.

    However, if you feel more secure or comfortable with an old version then please keep running the old version. There are also many free firewalls on the web. Try them all and choose the one best fit your needs.

    You find all ZAfree version here.

    Thank you for your understanding and support.
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    ghot Guest

    Default Re: Why moving to latest version of ZAfree?

    Thx for your understanding....I have just DL'd the latest version of DllExploitAudit and checked it against both the older version 8 and the newer version 9's and indeed...where version 8's failed version 9's came thru with flying colors...

    NO vulnerabilities...NO exploits

    Congratulations on a job well done Zone Alarm crew....


    I use Ghost Primary hard drive backups....not incremental, so I was able to accurately perform this test, as the version of Norton Ghost I use completely over writes the existing primary HDD or system partition with the backups.

    I still think the Program control...aka... X's, ?'s, and check marks in the free version needs slimmed down somewhat for the newer users...but considering the flawless security ZA Free offers...I guess I'll suffer

    Keep up the GREAT work and I can NOW rest easy knowing that when I tell someone ZA is the best....I won't be getting phone calls in the middle of the night.

    Thx again one and all for an excellent product

    P.S. I HAVE spent years trying them all...and NONE compare in ease of use and INvulnerability as does ZA Free or otherwise.

    Somewhat in the words of Dennis Quaid.....Zonealarm Firewall...Zero defects....ahhhhh
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    Default Re: Why moving to latest version of ZAfree?

    Thank you for your feedback, I am glad to hear you are happy with the current version.


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