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Thread: cannot access to iTunes store

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    straw99 Guest

    Angry cannot access to iTunes store

    I am running ZA Extreme Security and iTunes When I try to connect to iTunes store I get a connection error. When testing the connection by iTunes all is well done until passing the firewall, the Internet connection works without problem. The error message says: "erreur during establishing a secured link".

    How can I configure ZA to allow iTunes to access to iTunes store please?

    I tried a lot of things:
    - I authorized all programmes named iTunes...
    - I auhorized nDNSresponder.exe allthough named "Bonjour Service"
    - this programme use the port 5353, so I authorized the outgoing DNS on, port UDP 53

    What else I had to authorize?

    Is it a good thing to accepte the Bonjour Service to acte as a server? It seems it is working allways even when iTunes is not started. This makes no sens for me.
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    Default Re: cannot access to iTunes store

    You may have changed the ZA default settings and thus blocking iTunes somehow with ZA setting you have.

    Reset ZA.

    Hold down CTRL+SHIFT
    and right click on the Z icon in the system tray and select RESET

    After that has happened and you rebooted the PC check ZA settings
    Under Program Control >> Main

    Program control should be set to Auto
    Smartdefense adviser should be set to Auto
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    straw99 Guest

    Default Re: cannot access to iTunes store

    Indeed, my settings was

    Program control set to max
    Smartdefense adviser set to Manual

    I did the changes as shown and let the programm make new settings.

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