Has anyone else noticed a general slowdown of their computer durning December? I'm running Windows XP SP3, Office 7 SP2, and ZAES 9.3.037 with mostly default settings on a Lenovo T61 (dual-processor) laptop. Perhaps not a ZA problem, but at least three things changed automatically during December: There were a substantial Microsoft update, an Acrobat 9 update, and at least one automatic ZAES program update relatively early in the month. Since early December, I've noticed that nearly all programs (MS-Word, MS-Outlook, Acrobat 9, IE 8, etc.) are very slow responding. For example, Outlook can take seconds to change from one folder of filed mail to another, and Acrobat can take seconds to open a new file (even after Acrobat itself is already running). The computer wasn't exactly 'snappy' before, but now it's downright sluggish.

Of course I've done a couple of "super" virus scans, and I've looked at Task Manager CPU usage for indications of any module hogging resources during these 'pauses,' but nothing is jumping out at me. Any suggestions? -- jclarkw